2.4 The Witch: Lisa Lister on working with your cycle

In this Episode of Saturn Returns, Caggie is joined by self professed witch and menstrual awareness practioner, Lisa Lister, author of Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape and Witch. They discuss period pride and period shame, and how our initiation into womanhood comes with complications that affect how we relate to our bodies; how hiding aspects of womanhood makes the subject taboo, and in turn denies its power. But this conversation reveals the wisdom available to us in following the seasons of our cycle and unlocking our connection to source. Instagram @caggiesworldYoutube @caggie Facebook @caggieofficialTwitter @caggie_dunlop patreon.com/saturnreturnswithcaggie #SaturnReturns  #LisaLister

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