2.2 The Goddess: Anoushka Florence and the Call Of the Feminine

In a culture and society that has conditioned us to fill up every moment, the concept of creating space both physically and emotionally to allow ourselves to feel can seem uncomfortable and exposing. Some say this is because we are operating largely from our masculine and neglecting our feminine energy. In this episode Anouska Florence of The Goddess Space talks to Caggie about our need for the balance of both. We are living in a time of the rising feminine, which invites us to access our internal world through sacred space and confront our shadow side along the way, and reclaim our 'magik.' Instagram @caggiesworldYoutube @caggie Facebook @caggieofficialTwitter @caggie_dunlop patreon.com/saturnreturnswithcaggie #SaturnReturns  #TheGoddessSpace  

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