1.7 Belonging and dream work with Toko-pa Turner

How can we belong to ourselves? What does it mean to belong? In this Episode of Saturn Returns Caggie is joined by dream expert and author of Belonging, Toko-pa Turner. They discuss why we need to feel a sense of belonging, and how that need can influence our emotions and behaviour. Through our Saturn Return we often gain an awareness of the aspects of ourselves we had denied in order to 'fit in'. In order to belong to ourselves again and take back ownership of the parts of ourselves we might have denied or kept hidden, we may have to go through a difficult period, but it is in this space that we find ourselves. Caggie and Toko-pa also discuss loneliness, grief, and the interaction between the conscious and the subconscious via dreams. Instagram @caggiesworldYoutube @caggie Facebook @caggieofficialTwitter @caggie_dunlop #SaturnReturns #Belonging

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