Terri Cole - Codependency, The Disease To Please

The Amazing Terri Cole is back talking all things codependency. Think you’re not codependent? Perhaps you're an empath? Terri introduces the concept of the ‘High Functioning Codependent’ to break down what exactly codependency is and what factors are underlying it. We get very clear on the signs and symptoms of codependency, and the consequences of codependency throughout childhood, single life and long term relationships. I cannot speak highly enough of Terri's expertise in this space and I could not wait to have her back on the show to dive deeper into this incredibly important topic. If you have ever wondered whether you are empathic or perhaps have some traits of codependency, you cannot miss this show! Plus as a bonus Terri is offering listeners the More Love Meditation Challenge for a limited time - head to https://terricole.com/LOVEMG Find out all about Terri's wonderful work here https://www.terricole.com/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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