Evan Shy - Can Work And Life Balance?

This week I welcome hiitide founder and CEO Evan Shy. hiitide is the amazing personal growth platform that hosts my bookclub. Evan and I recognize how life and work are not separate but deeply intertwined and for that reason we are not just colleagues but also friends. Join us as we delve into relationships, authenticity and fulfilment through the lens of business. We bring light to the synergy of having integrity and alignment in your relationships both inside and outside of work. Evan reflects on the epic concept of Extreme Ownership and we trade stories of how we’ve each used this approach to empower ourselves and learn from past decisions. If you’re starting down the path of creating alignment between your values and your work, THIS is the episode for you! Find Hiitide here Connect with Evan here! Evan Shy leverages a decade of human physiology research and entrepreneurship to make personal growth more accessible.  Beyond business, he’s published work in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, author of “Fitness that Fits”, and contributing author to collegiate text “Food for an Aging Population”, Evan’s background has created a diverse formula of science-based methods with a bias for practical application for a new generation of leaders.  The hiitide crew of scientists, coaches, and engineers are on a mission to make learning and growth a daily practice for a million people by 2025. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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