Kate Horsman - Trusting Your Body

In this episode, Kate Horsman shares her personal story with an eating disorder. Kate shares her ‘fall into grace’ as she left the harsh, competitive world of ballet and made her way through hospitalisation and the life long task of healing. In a world where disordered eating and negative body image are so normalized, Kate’s voice cuts through the pain experienced by so many to offer compassion and hope that we can finally come home to feel safe in our own bodies. As Kate so warmly describes, the way out is to nourish ourselves. Whether you believe you have a healthy relationship with food and your body, there are so many gems offered by Kate in this episode. Episode Highlights: 2 mins - Intro, the teacher arrives when the student is ready. 8 mins - Breakup Recovery Course. 10 mins - Please leave a written review if you enjoy this episode! 11 mins - Kate Horsman introduction, background in ballet and childhood. 19 mins - How Kate’s body communicated her needs. 25 mins - What caused Kate to drop it all and leave. 30 mins - Male eating disorders and the pathway into eating disorders for boys and girls. 34 mins - How do you become safe in your body? 38 mins - The normalization of unhealthy eating. 46 mins - Committing to healing and nourishing yourself. 53 mins - Finding your voice in your healing. 57 mins - Movement as healing. 1hr 2mins - Surviving the present moment. 1hr 4mins - Kate’s current work supporting others in healing, the power of compassion. 1hr 17mins - Kate's new course coming soon. Episode Notes: Kate Horsman Instagram Kate Horsman.com Kate Horsman is a Nutritionist, Counsellor and Mindfulness Leader in Vancouver BC. Her training through both professional counselling and nutrition, provide the bridge between the mind-body connection which lends greatly to her specialization in Eating Disorders and Mental Illness. Allowing food and the brain as a medium for embodied change. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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