Bryan Reeves - Why My Girlfriend was Always Angry With Me

Bryan Reeves is our guest this week and I am so excited to introduce you to a man who has truly lived a life of adventure and exploration. Bryan and I discuss his journey, from hyper-masculine army careerist, to wandering the Earth, and later to being a relationship and life coach. Bryan talks us through the journey that broke his heart, opened his heart and totally renewed his joy for life. Bryan and Mark go DEEP on all things masculinity this week. Why did Bryan’s girlfriends always end up frustrated and angry with him? Why do men follow Instagram models and damage their relationships with online behaviour? How can childhood emotional neglect - even the most subtle forms - play out in our adult lives? And what about our triggers, how can triggers from previous relationships or previous lives continue to impact our current partners. Mark and Bryan discuss the challenges that every couple is bound to face. Episode highlights: 6:00 - The journey from army career to relationship coach. 9:30 - Finding the subject that ‘lit’ me up 10:30 - Why are the women I am in relationship with always angry at me? 15:00 - Instagram and the online world affecting relationships. 22:00 - Childhood emotional neglect - how can the most subtle forms affect our adult life? 28:00 - What triggers us in our parents, what does this reflect in us? 49:00 - Therapy, coaches and relationships, the value of working with someone from outside of our relationship. 51:00 - Triggers from past, childhood and their influence in current situations. See for privacy information.

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