Dr. Jeremy Goldberg - The Evolution of Men

In this podcast Mark Groves is joined by Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, writer, spoken word poet, marine biologist and PhD in social science. Mark and Jeremy discuss their personal evolutions as men, for Jeremy this has meant shifting from being an academic and PhD to becoming an artist. They also reflect upon the evolution of the modern man in today's world, what does it mean to be raised a boy today, what is school and society teaching boys, how do we break out of the stories and patterns and how we are all still on the journey home to ourselves. Highlights: 3:15 - What is going on with men and #MeToo, why aren’t more men speaking up? 7:00 - Why do men struggle to speak up on emotions- are men emotionally castrated? 12:00 - The evolving man in society - what is the cultural shift toward opening? 21:00 - The modern education system - what is it teaching and not teaching for the modern life? 25:00 - Step out of the ‘story’ you’ve been taught about life, or get kicked out of it. How Jeremy shifted from being a PhD to artist. 31:00 - The fear and courage experienced when stepping into the unknown. 34:00 - The ‘big betrayal’ and can you betray yourself? 42:30 - We’re all on the journey still - anyone who says they have it all figured out is lying. 49:43 - Risk, resilience and living on your edge - learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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