Terri Cole - Redesigning Your Love Blueprint

This episode was such an honour to record and is one I could go on and on about for hours! In it I talk with Terri Cole, the New York-based, licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of Real Love Revolution a Boundary Bootcamp. Terri uses practical psychology, eastern mindfulness and harnesses the power of intention to create sustainable, positive behavioral change i.e. true transformation. Tune in as we talk about how childhood lessons about life form the blueprint of how we navigate our adult relationships around love. In addition to the highlights below are some amazing and practical tips on how to start understanding your own story so that you can heal old wounds and set new standards for what you actually want to create in your life. Highlights: 11:55 – Your inherited love blueprint 15:10 – The difference between need and choice 18:00 – Why 5-step get love fast programs never work 21:45 – The 5 pillars of healing our relationship with love 31:15 – How to take back choice in how we love 38:00 – How to honour and heal triggering wounds Resources: www.terricole.com/livesingle www.terricole.com/liverelationship https://mark-groves.mykajabi.com/challenge Connect with Terri: Terri's Website The Real Love Revolution Facebook Instagram Twitter See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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