Financial Therapy: How Much Should I Help My Family?

Right now, Frenchie is feeling secure in her job as an administrator at a Texas college. But that's not the case for her dad and her three sisters. They're all experiencing various levels of financial fallout from COVID—and as she thinks back on past family crises and the ways she stepped in to help, Frenchie wonders if she'll find herself gravitating towards a familiar support role in this moment, and how sustainable that would be. "Because I also ask if something happens to me, is anybody going to be able to support me?" she tells Amanda. "And right now, I feel like the answer is no."  This episode is part of a special Financial Therapy series here on Death, Sex a Money, hosted by Amanda Clayman. If you have a money anxiety weighing you down, send an email or a voice memo to Find the entire series at We'd also love to know what you thought of this series. Give us your feedback at And stay in touch with us! Sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date about what's happening behind the scenes at Death, Sex a Money. Plus, we'll send you audio recommendations, letters from our inbox and a note from Anna. Join the Death, Sex a Money community and subscribe today.

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