The Night House Review

We went and saw The Night House and I was blown away by the depth of storyline, the way the movie played with tension, and the insane twist. (1:23) - Intro(6:10) -Synopsis(8:30) -Review(18:00) -Score(29:45) -Spoilers(1:04:45) - Final Recommendations(1:05:00) - Bad Reviews for Good Movies Synopsis Beth (Rebecca Hall) which you will remember most recently from Godzilla vs. Kong has just lost her husband, but not to natural circumstances. He killed himself on the lake, in their boat.  This is an incredible surprise to Beth because not only was it sudden, but her husband never showed any signs of depression or mental illness. As we follow Beth in her shocked grief, we learn more and more about her husband who seemed to be hiding an alternate life. He went to great lengths to keep this other life hidden from Beth which is concerning enough without the nightly visits she gets from an ominous presence that may be human, or may be paranormal in nature. As Beth digs deeper into her husbands past, she finds a terrifying secret that he kept from her which left me quite emotional. Review The Night House came out of left field for me. I vaguely remember seeing the trailer before the theaters shut down and not being impressed by the title or the portrayal of the story. What I walked away from left me emotional, scared, and somewhat enlightened. The Night House takes grief and places it front and center, then places weird new rules on the night time that Beth now experiences. There are moments when this movie feels very much like a home invasion flick and others where it feels straight out of a Paranormal Activity movie. It even feels like a detective thriller at moments. But with all this it never feels cluttered or confused. The way this movie deals with sadness and curiosity is something that I connected with deeply and I am finding it hard to review because of how perfectly gobsmacked it left me. If monsters or aliens or raging killers are what scare you, this may not be your thing. But if death, and things that go bump in the night make your hackles rise, this is right up your alley. Watch The Night HouseWatch on AmazonClick Here to Buy or Rent Score 10/10 Get 13% Off your order at when you use code HMT at checkout.

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