Workout 99 - RowErg - Our Hour

Workout 99: Connect and Go, Let's 'Just Row'. To keep the clock ticking, we must keep ourselves moving. With not a minute to spare, this hour holds space to find a sustainable effort but also finds time to bring us up to speed and push our power.    If you haven't done it already, download the ErgData app and sync your ATFS workout with your logbook workouts. You can see much more detail, stroke by stroke, for those interested.   Total Workout Time: 1 hour Programming: Get your ErgData app prepped and press "Just Row"  Workout starts at [4:13]   Drill 1: arms only; arms and body; arms, body, pop the knees. Drill 2: full strokes @22; stroke, pause and arms away; back to full strokes @22 Drill 3: leg only, legs and body, full strokes @ 22   Intervals: (with active recovery @ 20-22 between each)

  • 1 minute moderate, 1 minute hard @ 24 (x2)
  • 45 secs moderate, 45 secs hard @ 24 (x4)
  • 30 secs moderate, 30 secs hard @ 24 (x6)
  • 15 secs moderate, 15 secs hard @ 24 (x8)
  • 4 mins easy with final ten powerful strokes
Cool down   **LISTENER REQUEST** I would love to hear your feedback!  Send in an email or voice recording to and share your experience!    Want to Learn or Practice the Basics of Rowing on the Concept2 RowErg?  As The Flywheel Spins "Row Basics"   Remember, feedback is important!  Please forward any questions or comments you may have to (use "Podcast" in the subject line of your email).   Please read the following before participating. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK      

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