How to improve relationships using attachment language and style

Jennifer Lehr, MFT is an author, Marriage, and Family Therapist and the founder and creator of WeConcile® – an affordable online DIY relationship restoration program for couples. Jennifer's journey led her from self-growth to helping others grow. Her mission is helping others create a life and relationship of love and joy. Jennifer writes and talks about relational health and wellness as well as healing and living our best lives for various print and online publications as well as podcasts. You can find more about her at Here are some additional links: (Relationship Quality Quiz)  (Blog with lots of relationship help) Has my personal blog with personal stories and Healing Tips Blog.  A book for singles. (The Magic Cake: The 7 Ingredients for a Relationship Ready Person.)   Specific Blog posts of interest: (about attachment) (when wound collide) (A step-by-step guide to help you build your relationship while isolating and social distancing)   Social Media  

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