Solo Cruising Tips

How can you cruise better and cheaper as a solo cruise passenger? I often cruise solo and have 8 tips and things you can do as a single travellers to have a great cruise experience and find ways to do it cheaper. Cruising solo can be costly as most lines charge up to double occupancy rates even for a single occupancy of a cabin. Find out the best lines, where to book, times to go, what to do once on board and other tips I have discovered on my cruising journey to date. Gary Bembridge's Tips For Travellers aims to help you make more of your precious travel time and money on land and when cruising the oceans or rivers of the world. To help you, in every video I draw on my first-hand tips and advice from travelling every month for over 20 years and 75 cruises at time of recording this. Follow Tips For Travellers on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:  

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