Viking European River Cruises 6 Key Watch Outs

Viking River Cruises is probably the best known European river cruising company, and has a wide range of river cruise options in Europe. Before you decide to go on a European river cruise with Viking River Cruises, I share with you 6 important watch outs and things I think you need to know. All things I would like to have known in detail before I did a river cruise with them. I explore things like what they offer, the on board facilities and experience, what the Viking river cruise fare covers, which they are best suited for ( and who your likely passengers will be) and the dress code. Note: I did travel as a guest of Viking River Cruises before making this video. They covered my fare in a 7-night Danube cruise on the Viking Vilhjalm. The fare for the standard cabin would have been £2,645 (US $3,000) including flights and transfers from London Heathrow to and from the ship.

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