ERP 147: How to Use the Mind Body Connection to Improve Your Relationship with Dr. Suzanne Midori Hanna -Part Two

Suzanne Midori Hanna, Ph.D. is a clinician, instructor, and author in couple and family therapy. Her work in medical family therapy has led to an ongoing interest in mind-body issues, mental health, and the neurobiology of cutting edge couple and family therapy. She is the author of The Practice of Family Therapy: Key Elements Across Models, fifth edition and The Transparent Brain in Couple and Family Therapy: Mindful Integrations with Neuroscience. (Please listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript to hear explanations, stories and examples.) If you missed part one of this interview, you can check out ERP 146: How to use the mind body connection to improve your relationship with Dr. Suzanne Midori Hanna. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE TO LEARN ABOUT: How to use strengths as a jumping off point, so that you can do the difficult work of turning towards your pain. How to build a belief in your need for love a safety, as well as how to take steps in getting your needs meet. One important way of disentangling from dangerous and hostile interactions with your significant other. “We get into marriage and often we stay strangers for ten years because of our inability to be vulnerable.” Dr. Suzanne Midori Hanna The differences between the male and female brain and how it impacts our interactions about emotions and attachments needs. “Once we begin becoming more vulnerable to each other, how to we maintain that sense of safety so the vulnerability can continue?” Dr. Suzanne Midori Hanna “Outercourse” versus intercourse …getting in tune with how partners are coming across to their partner. Defining new rules of engagement. How to develop a process with your partner, where both people can feel valued. MENTIONED: ERP 146: How to use the mind body connection to improve your relationship with Dr. Suzanne Midori Hanna. (Podcast) Dr. Suzanne Midori Hanna (Website) Dr. Suzanne Midori Hanna (Amazon page) Dr. John Gottman – Gottman Institute (Website) Dr. Susan Johnson (Website) a Leslie Greenberg  Hold Me Tight by Dr. Susan Johnson (book) Dr. Terry Hargrave’s Restoration Therapy (Website) Dr. Peter Levine a Somatic Experiencing (Website) Dr. Pat Ogden a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (Website) TRANSCRIPT: Click on this link to access the transcript for this episode: If you have a topic you would like me to discuss, please contact me by clicking on the “Ask Dr. Jessica Higgins” button here.

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