ERP 040: How To Be Intentional In Relationship With Stuart Fensterheim

GOOD INTENTIONS IN A RELATIONSHIP   Stuart Fensterheim, LCSW has been a couples counselor for over 30 years. He graduated with a Master of Social Work in 1985 from the University of Maryland and specializes with couples using EFT. He believes that with a power of love and relationships as the basis of all of our happiness, and without a connected relationship, people suffer in their lives. Stuart’s focus is on changing the world one relationship at a time. Stuart is also the host of The Couples Expert Podcast. In this episode, Stuart talks with us about how to be more create good intentions in a relationship, especially when we are having hurt feelings or issues with our partner. He identifies the importance of rethinking our negative interpretations so that we can set the stage for more connection in our love relationships. (These are Show Notes: Be sure to listen to the episode to hear stories, examples, and more tips.) Stuart recommends these practices for setting an intention for a relationship: Question your negative interpretations of your partner. Ask yourself, “how does this interpretation help?” Take control of your assumptions. Take a risk and work to disprove your assumptions. Be open and vulnerable about your relationship needs. Recognize “primal pain” or hurt that gets activated in a love relationship. Communicate to show your partner how much they mean to you. MENTIONED: The Couples Expert Podcast (iTunes) Stuart Fensterheim’s Website If you have a topic you would like me to discuss or a situation you would like me to speak to, please contact me by clicking on the “Ask Dr. Jessica Higgins” button here. Thank you so much for being interested in setting good intentions in a relationship! I believe in your success! Also, I would so appreciate your honest rating and review. Please click here. Thank you!  If you are interested in developing new skills to meet your relationship challenges, please consider taking the Empowered Relationship Course or doing relationship coaching work with me.

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