Kira Murdock and Rayo

Surane sits down with his dear friend Kira Murdock, a cameraperson who works in film and TV in Hollywood. An avid roadtripper, Kira's journey has taken on new levels of fun since adopting her little fur-boy, Rayo. Wandering the streets of Ensenada, Rayo was picked up by Kira's friend Eric, who for whatever reason felt Rayo belonged in Kira's truck, riding shotgun. Their adventures around the world ever since have confirmed...this pair was meant to be.    Kira's Leave-A-Dog-A-Bone references:  - Follow @soidogfoundation a @slaughterhouse_survivors to help rescue dogs in Asia from the dog meat trade - Follow Rayo's rescuer and Godfather Eric @adventureswithdog2 to help the street dogs he picks up find a good home.        

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