Eva and Nico and Paco

Today, Surane welcomes his new neighbours Eva a Nico, along with their lovable English bulldog, Paco. Their little ruff rider was born in Colombia, and flown to New York for a wild life with Nico.  Paco's been everywhere from France, to Denmark, and all across America - this pup's got plenty of stamps on his "paws-port!" Though Eva came into Paco's life a few years later, he was pretty quick to adopt her as "Mommy." Now, as they em-bark on their new adventures in Hollywood, it's Paco who's helping them connect with lots of people, and of course, plenty of dogs.   Eva a Nico's Leave A Dog A Bone References:  - Get rubber bones for to keep your pup's teeth a gums healthy - Feed your bulldogs butternut squash for healthy coat and digestion - Get Douxo brand shampoo to prevent rashes and dry skin - Get Good2Go dog flotation vest for your pup's to swim safely - Watch Lassie!    

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