Brand Archetypes (Kaye Putnam)

Brand strategist Kaye Putnam started working online to have a sense of stability when her husband’s military job kept their family on the move. But in her first six months online, she struggled to sell even a $97 copywriting service.

But everything finally clicked into place when Kaye discovered the brand archetypes framework. And since 2013, Kaye’s business has grown by helping business owners get clarity on their brands.

Because branding is about much more than just colors and images. And in today’s episode, Kaye explains how the 12 archetypes can help you make strategic psychology-based decisions about your business. She stresses the importance of rooting your branding in who YOU are, not what’s trending, and she walks through the blend of courses and 1:1 services in her business. In short, today’s episode is all about understanding yourself and your brand will help your business grow.

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