From Paris to Atlanta with Malice and a 10-Piece Bucket of Drama

We're back like we never left! By we, I mean me because I really don't speak in the third person. Season Four kicks off with literally everything that could go wrong going full-speed into Wrong-Ville and Drama Town with a whole lot of texting and not enough talking, but along the way I discover and/or am reminded of the following: What to do when co-parenting goes all the way wrong Desire versus capacity Freedom from the thoughts and opinions of others The gift of the cold hard truth Correction versus protection Remembering your value and what you owe others If you enjoyed the episode: Please subscribe and recommend this podcast to two people (2) who you think will enjoy it. Did I mention subscribing? Subscribe and never miss an episode.  If you listen on Spotify, just hit the “Follow” button.  Please, follow the Dating After Divorce music playlist to follow all the tunes that influenced my life while I was going through it: ( Support this podcast

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