Sympathy For The Devil: Miguel Martinez

Ep 4. In 1991 three men, were murdered as they slept by 17- year- old Miguel Martinez and 16-year -old Miguel Venegas. In April 1992 Martinez was tried for capital murder and became the youngest person to be sent to Texas' death row. Despite his role in the murders, Venegas' was 16 at the time, which meant he would not face the death penalty. Instead he accepted a plea deal and a 41-year prison sentence.  Watch ten-part true crime documentary series #IAmAKiller Tuesdays at 9pm The I Am A Killer podcast is an A+E Networks Uk production for Crime + Investigation, and is hosted by Tom Adams and Danny Tipping, produced by Steph Nardilli and Sam Pearson, and edited by Susanna Lawrence   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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