Evil stepmom’s Google searches reveal hate for little boy Gannon Stauch, wanted him GONE

Court documents show Gannon Stauch was murdered in his bedroom by his stepmother, allegedly on the day the 11-year-old was reported missing. Leticia Stauch has been charged with first-degree murder, child abuse resulting in death and tampering. Recovered evidence supports a violent event occurred in the bedroom with blood spatter on the walls, and soaked through the carpet. With Nancy Grace today to discuss: Kirk Nurmi - Arias former Attorney, Author "Trapped with Ms Arias"  Cloyd Steiger - 36 years Seattle Police Department, 22 years Homicide detective, Author "Seattles Forgotten Serial Killer-Gary Gene Grant" www.cloydsteiger.com   Dr Bethany Marshall - Psychoanalyst, Beverly Hills, www.drbethanymarshall.com Dr. Michelle Dupre - South Carolina Medical Examiner a Author of “Homicide Investigation Field Guide” Leigh Egan - Investigative Reporter Crime Online  Chase Golightly - KRDO Coloradio Springs news reporter 

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