Two little boys DEAD after forced back into home with KILLER-DAD

Susan Cox-Powell goes missing. Her husband, Josh, is the prime suspect. Then he kills their two sons and himself, taking the answer of what happened to Susan to his grave. Susan's parents Chuck and Judy Cox repeatedly warned Child Protective Services that their grandsons were in danger, but no one listened. Now the family is suing to hold the agency accountable. Joining Nancy Grace to discuss: Chuck Cox - Father of Susan Cox Powell Anne Bremner -  Attorney for Chuck and Judy Cox  Evan Bariault, Attorney for Chuck and Judy Cox  Rose Winquist - Investigator - Dr Daniel Bober - Forensic Psychiatrist, follow on Instagram at drdanielbober Dr. Tim Gallagher -  Medical Examiner State of Florida  Alexis Terezchuck - Investigative Journalist Crime Online (310) 435-6989 For more information on this case and the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, visit

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