Beautiful mom and baby daughter found dead beside train tracks. What happened to Kadie Major and baby River?

Kadie Major finds out she is pregnant again, this time with a son. The next day she is dead. Her body is found next to train tracks, and her little girl is found drowned in a pond. The corner rules murder-suicide. But is it? Joining Nancy Grace today: Vicky Hall - Mother of Kadie Major  Jessica Sanders - Private Investigator, Clearview Investigations Ashley Willcott - Judge and trial attorney, Anchor on Court TV,  Dr Daniel Bober - Forensic Psychiatrist, follow on Instagram at drdanielbober Sheryl McCollum - Forensics Expert a Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder Dr. Tim Gallagher - Medical Examiner State of Florida,  Anne Emerson - WCIV ABC 4 Charleston reporter

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