Shane Doyle - Reverence for the Past, Hope for the Future

Shane Doyle is a Montana-based scholar, teacher, and community advocate whose work focuses on the history and heritage of Native American tribes of the Northern Great Plains. Shane is an enrolled member of the Apsáalooke Nation (also known as the Crow Tribe), and he holds a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Montana State University. His unique personal and professional experiences, combined with his deep curiosity and seemingly endless energy, have made Shane a well-known leader in many fields, including education, land use advocacy, and the arts.


Shane grew up in Crow Agency, Montana, and he did not have an interest in history until college, when a road trip with a professor opened his eyes to Montana’s rich Native American past. From that moment onward, Shane’s curiosity has continued to grow, and he has built his career around making Native American history a cultural mainstay in everything from Montana’s educational system to governmental land management decisions. Whether designing educational curriculums, making films, or singing Northern Plains tribal music, Shane is always focused on serving his community.


Whether you’re a long-time listener or this is your first episode, I know you’ll enjoy getting to know Shane. We started out discussing his youth on the Crow reservation, and he talks about that fateful road trip when he fell in love with history. We talk about his family and the important life lessons that he learned from his grandmother. We discuss the history of the Apsáalooke, and the importance of the Crazy Mountains from a cultural and historical perspective. We also discuss his consulting business Native Nexus, some of his film projects, and his plans for the future. And Shane obviously has plenty of excellent book recommendations, so be sure to check out the episode notes for links to all of those.


As you’ll hear in this conversation, Shane is doing so much excellent work and has many more projects in the pipeline. I’ll look forward to a part 2 with Shane in the future so we can hear updates on everything that he’s working on. Hope you enjoy!




  • 3:15 – Shane’s childhood and how he pursued Indigenous history in his youth
  • 7:45 – Shane describes how he engaged in studying the Indigenous history of Montana
  • 10:30 – Shane discusses Asaalooke Nation history 
  • 14:30 – Shane discusses his thoughts regarding a history of broken treaties
  • 18:15 – Shane talks about the service element of his work
  • 21:00 – Shane discusses the significance of the Crazy Mountain Range, including his own experience fasting in that mountain range
  • 27:15 – Shane explains the regularity of his meditation ceremonies 
  • 30:15 – Shane mentions some resources for people interested in Northern Plains Indigenous culture
  • 34:00 – Shane discusses the book he is writing, Messages from Medicine Wheel Country
  • 38:00 – Shane talks about his film regarding the Crazy Mountains
  • 41:45 – Shane explains how folks can get involved in the protection of the Crazy Mountains 
  • 43:30 – Shane discusses his business, Native Nexus
  • 47:15 – Shane talks about where he thinks his career is going next
  • 51:45 – Shane’s book recommendations
  • 55:45 – Shane’s film recommendations, as well as some films he feels less enthusiastic about
  • 1:01:30 – Shane’s parting words of wisdom


This episode is brought to you by The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and its Montana-based AMB West Philanthropies, both of which embody the values-based approach to philanthropy and business of their Chairman Arthur M. Blank.



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