TOUGH TALKS - E083 - Start With Stupid With Steve Sims

We got him back! He's back for round 2 (of 3). His name is Steve Sims and he really is the guy who gets shit done. And it ain't just any shit. It's crazy shit. He's a high-end concierge. He pulls off miracles for affluent people. And we have a lot to learn from his level of thinking.

Today we unpack my favorite story of his. He managed to get the museum in Florence, Italy that houses the most famous sculpture on Earth, The Statue of David, to shut down in order to host a private dinner for his client at the foot of the statue. That's never been done before. But that isn't even the wildest part. Wait till you see what else he managed to pull off so he could REALLY wow his client!

And listen to how simple he makes it all sound - this business of pulling off miracles!

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And his book, Bluefishing, is an absolute masterpiece!

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