Humanizing the Food System With Real Food Real Stories

Real Food Real Stories is an organization on a mission to humanize our food system, one story at a time. We sat down with their founder and director to learn how they're using storytelling to make food more just and sustainable in the long run.

Episode Show Notes:

  1. Learn more about Real Food Real Stories on their website and Instagram and be sure to check out their Curious Eater podcast
  2. Jovida and Pei Ru are fans of Diaspora Co spices and Eatwell Farm
  3. We discussed our mutual admiration of Nik Sharma, who we also had the pleasure to interview on another podcast. 
  4. "How We Show Up" by Mia Birdsong is a must-read book about the power of community and recognizing our interdependence. 
  5. Pavlova is a delicious dessert and a favorite of Jovidas. 
  6. Pei-Ru loves singing "Morning Sun" by Melody Gardot with her son. 

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