The Rider (2017) with Kira-Anne Pelican - Screenplay by Chloé Zhao

You may have been told your characters are too 'flat', not 'rounded' or 'believable' - that's an important note, but how do you actually go about fixing that? Kira-Anne Pelican, the author of 'The Science of Writing Characters', has written extensively about this very question. Using the latest research from the major branches of psychology to explain how to make a character interesting, we combine this in typical '21st Rewrite style' to look at a screenplay through this lens, focusing this week on Chloé Zhao's majestic film 'The Rider'. Kira-Anne's book 'The Science of Writing Characters' is available now in ebook and paperback. *** Want to comment, get news and join episode discussions? Join the community on Syncify: Instagram: @the21strewrite. Website contact page:

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