Episode 100: One Hundred

In the very early days of the PhotoActive podcast, when Jeff was a nervous first-time podcast host, Kirk said to him, “It’s OK. Once you do a hundred of these, you’ll be better.” Well, here we are! Episode 100! To celebrate, we’re showcasing some of our favorite episodes and sharing what we’ve learned from them. Hosts: Jeff's website (https://jeffcarlson.com), Jeff's photos (https://jeffcarlson.com/portfolio/), Jeff on Instagram (http://instagram.com/jeffcarlson) Kirk's website (https://www.kirkville.com), Kirk's photos (https://photos.kirkville.com), Kirk on Instagram (https://instagram.com/mcelhearn) Follow the PhotoActive Instagram account (http://instagram.com/photoactive_podcast/) Show Notes: (View show notes with images at PhotoActive.co (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-100)) Rate and Review the PhotoActive Podcast! (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/photoactive/id1391697658?mt=2) Intego Mac Podcast (https://podcast.intego.com) The Next Track Podcast (https://www.thenexttrack.com) Write Now with Scrivener Podcast (https://podcast.scrivenerapp.com) Take Control of Scrivener 3 (https://www.takecontrolbooks.com/scrivener-3/) Episode 44: Minimalist Photographer Michael Kenna (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-44-kenna) Episode 74: Michael Kenna and His New Book 'Buddha' (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-74-kenna) Episode #8 - Gordon Laing on Taking Great Photos In Camera (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-8-gordon-laing) Episode #10 - Quintin Lake's Long Photo Walk (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-10-quintin-lake) Episode 82: Quintin Lake Returns (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-82-quintin) Episode 35: Martin Parr Shot My Portrait (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-35-parr) Episode 70: One-Light Portraits with Sandra Coan (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-70-coan) Episode 79: Professional Retouching with Lisa Carney (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-79-carney) Episode 78: Everyday Photo Retouching (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-78-retouch) Episode #5 - Wenmei Hill Interview (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-5-wenmei-hill) Episode 43: Autofocus with Rishi Sanyal (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-43-autofocus) Episode 54: Product Photography with Dan Bracaglia (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-54-bracaglia) Episode 85: Film Camera Love with Dan Bracaglia (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-85-film-bracaglia) Episode 65: Barney Britton on the Future of the Camera Industry (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-65-britton) Episode 67: Chris Niccolls on Making Videos about Photography (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-67-niccolls) Episode 86: Jordan Drake on Shooting Video (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-86-drake) Episode 92: Sensors and Megapixels with Richard Butler (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-92-butler) Episode #26 - RAW Power 2.0 (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-26-raw-power) Episode 38: Levels and Curves with Nik Bhatt (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-38-levels-curves) Episode 62: Photos App Extensions with Nik Bhatt (https://www.photoactive.co/home/episode-62-extensions) Rocky Nook (http://rockynook.com) Subscribe to the PhotoActive podcast newsletter at the bottom of any page at the PhotoActive web site (https://photoactive.co) to be notified of new episodes and be eligible for occasional giveaways. If you’ve already subscribed, you’re automatically entered. If you like the show, please subscribe in iTunes/Apple Podcasts (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/photoactive/id1391697658?mt=2) or your favorite podcast app, and please rate the podcast. And don't forget to join the PhotoActive Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/photoactivecast/) to discuss the podcast, share your photos, and more. Disclosure: Sometimes we use affiliate links for products, in which we receive small commissions to help support PhotoActive.

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