86: The Green Mile

A moving masterpiece with powerful emotional journey or an overstuffed story that feels like a life sentence? They feud, you decide!  On this week's feud, Vikram and Vidur debate The Green Mile. They begin by finding common ground and agreeing that Mr Jingles the mouse gave the best performance. Vidur cannot stop bringing up the director Frank Darabont’s previous prison-based classic - The Shawshank Redemption while Vikram deep dives in to reddit threads on how many units of magic John Coffee transferred. Vidur takes the feuding to the next level by reciting a poem he wrote on the movie. They even attempt winging a discussion on the death penalty which fades very quickly.Let us know who you think won the feud by reaching out on  facebook, instagram or twitter.You can also find more episodes on our website. 

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