85: Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring

The best fantasy movie of all time? Or, a dated, slow and hollow take on the fantasy genre?! We feud, you decide!  On this week's feud, the guys find themselves in a tricky situation as they take on the much beloved, critically acclaimed first part of Lord of the Rings series - The Fellowship of the Ring. Vikram gives away his true feelings about this series even before the coin toss, while Vidur remembers the movies as overhyped and fails to understand the haphazard way in which the story unfolds. He keeps calling Saruman Salman, much to Vikram's ire, while Vikram gushes over the way the Ring is treated as the antagonist by the script and is fleshed out like any character is. The feud comes to a head when the inevitable comparisons with Game of Thrones escalate, with both guys not being able to find any common ground.  EXCEPT - Andy Serkis is bau5 (he's not even in this one you tools). Nonetheless, expect a lot of "My Precious" bombs throughout this one. Let us know who you think won the feud by reaching out on  facebook, instagram or twitter.You can also find more episodes on our website. 

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