82: Taare Zameen Par

A heartwarming kids movie with an important message? Or Bollywood's schlocky attempt at oscar bait? We feud, you decide! This week, Vikram and Vidur feud over a homegrown entry in the IMDB top 250 - Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars On Earth). Directed by Aamir Khan, albeit with some controversy, and starring the most famous child actor of his generation Darsheel Zafary, the film really invites the feuders to go no holds barred. Vikram does not hold back on his opinion about the kids in the movie, his thoughts on dyslexia and its representation and constantly mocks the attempt at tugging on heartstrings. Vidur counters with praises of the acting, message and story.Let us know who you think won the feud by reaching out on  facebook, instagram or twitter.You can also find more episodes on our website. 

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