IITAP’s Rainbow Advocate Program: Excellent New Resource and Curriculum to Learn About the LGBTQIA2+ Community

Today we have three guests on the show. Dr. Stefanie Carnes is the President of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP), Kristina Padilla is the Vice President of Education & Strategic Development as well as the Chief Academic Officer for California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), and Randall McDaniel works as the Digital Media Coordinator and Community Manager for IITAP’s Rainbow Program.


In this week’s episode, you’ll hear our three guests talk about some of the benefits of IITAP’s new educational rainbow program and why it’s perfect for those who want to understand their clients’ sexuality better, equip themselves to improve their support for the clients they serve, or just to be a better ally to the LGBTQIA2+ community in general. Find out more on this week’s show!



[0:45] A little bit about today’s three guests! Dr. Stefanie, Kristina, and Randall.

[4:00] Dr. Stefanie talks about  IITAPand their new Rainbow Advocate Program.

[6:30] Unfortunately, a lot of therapists feel really unprepared to work with the LGBTQIA2++ community. There’s just not enough resources out there for them.

[8:10] Who is eligible to attend and be part of the Rainbow Advocate Program?

[10:55] Kristina shares why this program is important to the community and additional info on who can benefit from a program like this.

[12:30] For a lot of people, the terminology is not intuitive and/or easy to remember. It’s important we educate not only the public, but ourselves, on why these things matter.

[15:00] Those who have lived through the AIDS epidemic are becoming retriggered once again with what’s going on with COVID. The thought of dying alone and being in isolation like some of their friends did in the 80s is very traumatic and triggering.

[16:20] How does this program address shame and stigma? Dr. Stefanie shares her thoughts.

[19:35] It’s important to everybody working on the Rainbow Advocate Program to make it a safe place for students to explore their own sexuality and ask questions.

[20:05] Kristina shares what she’s most excited about the program.

[20:35] This program addresses cultural issues and the historical trauma Native Americans have and have experienced.

[21:40] What does this program mean to Randall?

[24:00] How do you take this course?

[26:15] Interested in becoming a Certified Rainbow Advocate? Randall offers information on how to apply.

[28:10] Our three guests offer some final thoughts and insights on what you need to know about this program and why it’s so useful in today’s world.




Randall on IITAP

Stefanie on IITAP



Kristina on LinkedIn



  • “Oh my god, this is happening again. Dying alone, dying in isolation, being sick, and not knowing how you got it. It has a huge impact on people.”
  • “Everybody’s so caught up on these body parts when transitioning, but there’s a transition of hair, clothes, everything. We are excited to put out proper terminology.”
  • “This is not just another quick course in terms of how to recognize what these letters mean. It’s so much more than that. This is personal. Whoever takes this course can really benefit from that.”

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