Wowee network And Wonderbrett With Brett Feldman And Josh Koppel

Wowee network has launched its first-of-its-kind e-commerce show, “Sell High” live every Thursday at 9 pm CT here. The show will be a true hybrid: part dispensary, part variety show, all fun. Thought you might be interested in covering the series. “Sell High” is the first-ever show where viewers can buy cannabis while they watch—It's like QVC with THC. Items are only available to purchase during the Livestream in the Chicago area for now but everyone can watch live and learn about various products such as Incredibles, Rythm, Cann, Dogwalkers, and more. They will eventually expand to other cities, IL was one of the states that this is allowed in.

Wonderbrett, the legendary West Coast cannabis brand best known for world-renowned genetics, exotic terpene profiles, and pioneering cultivation techniques, announced today the debut of its first-ever collection of premium “Live Resin Carts” and custom “Drip” rechargeable battery for the California vape market, featuring the same full-bodied flavors the company built its reputation on in the flower and edible categories. Wonderbrett’s Live Resin Carts showcase the brand’s ultra-premium genetics, “Lemon OZ Kush,” “Orange Sunset,” “Strawberry Bliss,” “Orange Banana,” “Pink Picasso” and “Peach OZ'' in a distillate-free, 100 percent live resin oil cartridge, made with real terpenes and zero additives. For a suggested retail price of $30 each, customers will experience unparalleled flavor drawn from the best-quality glass tank, ceramic atomizer, and tip capable of delivering complex terpene profiles. 

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