Why is everything political?

Why is everything political? How much should the Christian be involved politically? The truth is, like many other endeavors, we can be involved too much or too little. Frank pulls insightful points from a WWII C.S. Lewis sermon to encourage us to do our civic duty while reminding us where our ultimate loyalties should lie. Frank also explains why everything is political and why Christians have to be involved without making politics, party, or the nation an idol. Here are the links mentioned, including Frank’s column on leaving Americans in Afghanistan: https://cutt.ly/dWQRKxZ Abigail Shrier: https://cutt.ly/TWQRUd8 C.S. Lewis, Learning in Wartime: https://cutt.ly/pWQRR4N If you want to send us a question for the show, please email us at Hello@CrossExamined.org. Subscribe on iTunes: http://bit.ly/CrossExamined_Podcast Rate and review! Thanks!!! Subscribe on Google Play: https://cutt.ly/SWQGDUc Subscribe on Spotify: http://bit.ly/CrossExaminedOfficial_Podcast Subscribe on Stitcher: http://bit.ly/CE_Podcast_Stitcher  

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