Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Oh the torture. Our friend(?) Justin Peel has once again opened his BadMotherF**ker wallet and ponied up for a heaping helping of Jacob, Ben, and Dustys vomit. Any of us who had seen this film knew better than to ever go back willingly, but thanks to listeners like Justin old wounds may never heal. Michael Bay obiously spent $90,000,000 dollars of this movies budget on cocaine and lube. We apologize if during the episode we end up being more interested in Jacobs dogs than talking about this eyesore. So get ready for a movie that actually has the balls to make a robot scrotum joke. A movie where people dont act like people, they act like robots. And robots that want to be human so bad they took over our world with their stupid war. Gah! And its so long! Its TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN!!! --- Support this podcast:

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