Troll 2

Well here it is, the 100th episode of Refund Theater. That means 100 movies have been watched and discussed in the name of this little program we started 2 years ago. We always said that if we ever get this far we must cover the best worst movie of all time. A movie that is so famous for being bad that even people who havent seen it know quotes from it. A movie so ridiculous that we would have to get the experience of 100 episodes under our belt just to be able to discuss it properly. Thats called hospitality, and you cant piss on hospitality! We wont allow it! So hop in a van and head with us to Nilbog, where the rotten milk flows like wine and the locals make you yummy jello dishes that turn you into vomity green goop. Yes, we can only be talking about TROLL 2!!! --- Support this podcast:

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Troll 21 years ago

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