Terminator Salvation

As a huge thank you for giving us another week to rest we grant you this mega packed episode of Refund Theater! This is another commisioned episode from our bro Justin Peel, we happily obliged seeing as we have been meaning to revisit and rip this film a new one but never get around to it. This movie is a real wet blanket and the first of two failures in the franchise that tried to revive the brand with fresh trilogies. The reason it failed is simple and complicated at the same time, we go deep into both. Also, joining us is special guest Dick Mccormick! You may have heard Dusty talk about this guy in past episodes and we have him in house! Also just so you know during the beginning half hour of the episode we go into a long conversation about Alien Covenant, if you want to avoid spoilers for that film you can skip to 28 min 45 sec in the episode. So hop in a time machine and get ready to go on a boring and shallow journey that ultimately amounts to nothing! Its TERMINATOR SALVATION!!! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/refund-theater/support

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