Resident Evil

It has begun! Ben is quaking in his boots at the terror Jacob has proposed! A mandatory screening of every single Resident Evil film! REfund Theater has never done an entire series before, and this one is perfect. These movies are so bad Ben and Dusty are going to wish they had their memories erased just like Alice. We begin with the tame for R rated first film, a film that mainly consists of our heroes moving froom room to room while aiming their guns and whispering exposition. They will encounter bad CG creatures, bad CG zombies, and meat covered dobermans! Its the beginning of the RE-A-THON so get ready! As an added bonus we are having a donation drive that will be explained in the episode that could bring a special kind of chaos to the next few weeks. So pop in a memory card and push play, get ready for RESIDENT EVIL!!! --- Support this podcast:

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