FLOUR HOUR Episode 57 All about Cacao with Jonas Ketterle

Amanda and Jeremiah interview Jonas Ketterle the owner of Ceremonial Cacao (Firefly Chocolate). He is the only chocolate company in the country that provides 100% cacao bean to bar. Jonas describes how cacao is grown, harvested and processed. He also dispels myths about what is natural especial when it comes to cocoa powder and cocoa butter. He describes how a cacao ceremony is performed in addition to its benefits. Finally he shares the different types of chocolates his company provides. This is a must listen for anyone passionate about eating and baking with cacao. https://ceremonial-cacao.com Connect with Jonas: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cacaoceremony/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fireflychocolate/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cacaoceremony   Connect with Amanda: Instagram: www.instagram.com/amandaefaber/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/amandaefaber/ Twitter: twitter.com/amandaefaber   Connect with Jeremiah: Instagram: www.instagram.com/jeremiahbakes/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeremiahbakes/ Twitter: twitter.com/jeremiahbakes   Follow Flour Hour: Facebook: www.facebook.com/FLOURHOURpod/ Twitter: twitter.com/FLOURHOURpod "Flour Hour Theme Song Alternative mix" composed by Jeremiah

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