FLOUR HOUR Episode 50 Season 2 Finale

Amanda and Jeremiah celebrate over 50 hours of FLOUR HOUR by answering listener questions, chatting about their book projects, upcoming classes and more. They cover topics ranging from sourdough, patisserie, cake, buttercream, meringue and more. Connect with Amanda: Website: www.amandaefaber.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/amandaefaber/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/amandaefaber/ Twitter: twitter.com/amandaefaber Connect with Jeremiah: Website: www.jeremiahbakes.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/jeremiahbakes/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeremiahbakes/ Twitter: twitter.com/jeremiahbakes Follow Flour Hour: Facebook: www.facebook.com/FLOURHOURpod/ Twitter: twitter.com/FLOURHOURpod "Flour Hour Theme Song" composed by Jeremiah

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