FLOUR HOUR Episode 18 interview with Ginger Hahn of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Amanda and Jeremiah interview Ginger Hahn the owner of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. With two boutiques in northern California Ginger gives a peek into what it's like during easter production. She shares how she fell in love with baking and then chocolate, turning her dreams into reality. She gives many macaron and chocolate tempering tips as well as her favorite cookbooks every baker should have. She also discusses her upcoming events, classes and what's next for her blossoming company. Amanda and Jeremiah discuss Amanda's experience eating Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates for the first time and Jeremiah shares an easy and delicious Portuguese recipe called "Serradura." Ginger's website: gingerelizabeth.com Ginger's macarons: gingerelizabeth.com/pages/macarons Ginger's chocolates: gingerelizabeth.com/collections/chocolates Ginger's classes and tastings: gingerelizabeth.com/pages/classes-2 Ginger's recipes: gingerelizabeth.com/pages/recipes Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts cookbook: www.amazon.com/Martha-Stewarts-P…art/dp/0517589532 Peter Greweling Chocolate and Confections cookbook: www.amazon.com/Chocolates-Confec…ner/dp/0470424419 Pierre Herme Desserts cookbook: www.amazon.com/Desserts-Pierre-H…re+herme+desserts Connect with Ginger:Instagram: www.instagram.com/gingerelizabeth/Facebook: www.facebook.com/gingerelizabethTwitter:

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