FLOUR HOUR Episode 15 interview with Jenn Yee

Amanda and Jeremiah interview Jenn Yee knows as Pastry with Jenn on social media. She is the social media manager for Williams Sonoma and is savvy about all things pastry. After sharing what she's been baking this week Jenn explains how she came to love baking and how it became a career. She gives a window into a typical day at Williams Sonoma surrounded by food lovers and helpful Instagram tips. She shares her favorite pastries from her blog, her favorite bakeries in San Francisco as well as some practical pastry tips everyone can apply. Amanda and Jeremiah discuss Amanda's icecream adventures and Jeremiah's recipe tests, including his frustrations with baking Portuguese custard tarts. Jenn's blog: www.deliciouslynoted.com Jenn's Ruffled Milk Pie recipe: www.deliciouslynoted.com/2017/04/ruffled-milk-pie/ Jenn's Pithivier recipe: www.deliciouslynoted.com/2018/02/choc…puff-pastry/ Jenn's Toasted Black Sesame Ice Cream: www.deliciouslynoted.com/2017/01/toas…e-ice-cream/ Jenn's Martha Stewart Cinnamon Swirl pie: www.deliciouslynoted.com/2016/11/mart…l-apple-pie/ Alison Roman: www.alisoneroman.com/recipes/Alison's Chocolate Chunk Shortbread recipe: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/salted-b…hunk-shortbread Greek Easter Bread recipe in this issue: www.bakefromscratch.com/product/bake-…chapril-2017/ calliesbiscuits.com Bouchon Bakery Cookbook:

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