#138: Why Are You So Tired? Iron Deficiency Anemia and Thyroid with Dr. Hillary

New health podcast with Dr. Hillary where she discusses something she sees all too common- iron deficiency anemia and thyroid dysfunction in women (and men). This podcast helps you understand how anemia and low thyroid are associated and she answers your questions. Join the GRITTYSTHEALTHY Locals community and SUBSCRIBE to see all the best GRITTY FILMS Get 10% off StHealthy Nutrition products and Join out Newsletter! Blow Up your Business Join The Founders Series with Heather Kelly and hear from the best in the industry! To download your FREE StHealthy Dehydration and Canning Guide go here! Order your StHealthy Rifle Case NOW with FREE SHIPPING TILL May 17th! Use code MOM Made with Meat is our favorite food processing equipment! Check them out! 10% OFF Sheep Feet Orthotics - Visit sheepfeethoutdoors.com and use code STHEALTHY10 10% OFF Lono Life Bone Broth - Visit lonolife.com and use code STHEALTHY10 To schedule with Dr. Hillary visit her Montana clinic, Elevate Health. Follow us on Instagram @huntharvesthealth *Health Disclaimer: THE STHEALTHY HUNTER, HUNT HARVEST HEALTH NEWSLETTER, WEBSITE, AND PODCAST IS FOR GENERAL HEALTH INFORMATION ONLY. THIS PODCAST IS NOT TO BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT OF ANY HEALTH CONDITION OR PROBLEM. ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR OWN HEALTH SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO YOUR OWN PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN OR OTHER HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. IF YOU ASK HEALTH QUESTIONS VIA EMAIL OR SOCIAL MEDIA, PLEASE NOTE WITHOUT DIRECT MEDICAL CONSULT ALL CORRESPONDENCE IS ONLY A RECOMMENDATION AND CANNOT BE CONSIDERED MEDICAL TREATMENT. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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