Seth Godin On Creativity, Embracing Failure & Spreading Big Ideas

Today’s guest wants to give you the tools to get started, overcome creative blocks, and get your work into the hands of the people you most want to help. His name is Seth Godin. He's the author of more than 19 international bestsellers, an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a climate activist. Through his work, Seth seeks to turn people’s lights on, inspire them to action, and teach them how to level up. And in today’s conversation we discuss creativity, writing, understanding the distinction between marketing and advertising, the pitfalls of modern education, and his most recent book, The Carbon Almanac, a one-stop-shop on everything we know about global climate change. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: InsideTracker: LMNT: JOOVV: Athletic Greens:  Peace + Plants, Rich

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