Apple Tart Tatin, plus How to Polish Copper Simply

Fall is just about upon us and the apples are abundant at the market. What a wonderful way to welcome into our homes the new season by making a classic French dessert - Apple Tart Tatin! I have always been fascinated by this recipe, tried it a multitude of different times and ways, and it was over the summer that I discovered what worked best for me - smaller apple slices and keeping it simple. In this second season's third episode, discover how to make a dish that will delight your tastebuds and be surprisingly easy to make. While there is some patience involved as you wait for the caramel sauce to arrive at its beautiful luscious amber color and consistency, overall, the construction of the dish is easy. I will offer a few tips and tricks for elevating the flavor and having a successful flip and reveal. As well, I will be cooking and using my beloved copper and showing and sharing why I love it and how to clean it. ~View the Show Notes -

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