Weekday Dinner: Panko Crusted Salmon w/French Lentils a a Rustic Apple Tart

Visit the show notes - https://www.thesimplyluxuriouslife.com/vodcasts1e7 Perhaps you've found yourself in the middle of the week, tired and hungry. Thankfully, your home épicerie is stocked, but you don't want to spend a lot of time cooking or making something all that complex. But . . . . . . you want a delicious meal, complete with a satisfying dessert (not too sweet, but you, know, sweet with a little flaky, butter crust).  I have found myself at this exact moment many times during busy work-weeks, and one of the simplest meals, that doesn't appear to be, is the focus of today's episode of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen. One of my favorite proteins that is plentiful here in the Pacific Northwest is salmon, and as I will share in the video, there are three types of salmon I recommend. As well, lentils: French lentils (but any lentils will do), can add numerous nutrients and a wonderful complement to a fish dish. Add some vegetables, and the dinner is complete. But wait - dessert. Yep, it is fall, so that means apples are abundant. But I usually don't have time to make a full apple tart or pie in the middle of the week. So, what has been my solution? For the past few years, I have been loving a rustic apple tart that requires no finesse in the pastry department and not a lot of filling which might add the excess (and often unnecessary) unnatural sweetness. Choose beautifully ripe and flavorful apples, just a dash of brown sugar and dizzle with honey and that is it. A truly delicious weekday dinner is done and yum. :) But there is more. Enjoy a tour of one of the largest potagers (French vegetable gardens) in France from my trip this summer. An episode full of inspiration to step into the seasonal selections all the while enjoying weekday meals without the extra stress or fuss. 

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