Caprese Appetizer 3 Ways a Knife Skills

~Visit the Show Notes - One of my favorite appetizers to serve in the summer as the tomatoes are at their peak and the basil is growing seemingly nonstop begging to be enjoyed is the classic Caprese Bruschetta. A crispy crust baguette with chewy insides becomes all the more scrumptious with a few added flavor amplifiers and quality fresh mozzarella. As you will see in today's epsiode, there are three different ways that I enjoy it depending on the ingredients available and what the kitchen makes offers for cooking purposes (an oven or just a stovetop, or any cooking mechanism at all). Each one offers the traditional three ingredients of Caprese - Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella. And with those three ingredients, you really cannot go wrong. Also, it is important to note, regarding the taping of today's episode that it was actually the first episode I taped for the season. There were, as you will see, a few learning curves that needed to be maneuvered (ahem . . . running out of recording space before the cooking session was done), but I did what I could to salvage the final presentation. Thank you for your patience with this first-time stepping in front of the camera, and regardless of the season, if you are craving Caprese Bruschetta, it is a simple and quite delicious appetizer to pull together. Every time I have chosen to include it at any one of my many dinner parties or gatherings at my home, it is a crowd favorite. Included in this episode is a short tutorial on knife skills, which size and design of knife to use and how to properly hold and use a knife to avoid any accidents (aka cutting one's fingers). Now to the episode! I do hope you enjoy!

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