My Daily Breakfast a More Ideas for the Morning: Episode #3, Season 1

Welcome to The Simply Luxurious Kitchen, Episode #3, Season 1 I am very excited to welcome you into my kitchen which has become a haven of curiosity and exploration for me over the years and share with you what I have learned to simplify and amplify the flavor in your everyday cooking excurions.  As I shared in the pilot episode, the ultimate goal of this new vodcast series is to help viewers discover how to enjoy the everyday cooking that will elevate the quality of our lives. In other words, enjoy stepping into the kitchen.  The first season is focused on simple everyday meals - with ideas for dinner and lunch as well as breakfast and of course a few desserts to enjoy as well. There will be eight episodes in our first season, and a new one will air first here on the blog (as well as on iTunes or wherever you download your podcasts/vodcasts) each Saturday morning through October 27th (and become available on Youtube within 24 hours). Each episode will be accompanied with detailed show notes which will include the full recipe, links to anything that was mentioned, as well as kitchen tools and utentils that were used in the episode.  ~View the show notes for this episode (Episode 3, Season 1) here -   ~Want a preview of the upcoming episodes for the first season?Subscribe to TSLL's Weekly Newsletter which is delivered each Friday and shares exclusively with subscribers the subject of the upcoming episode which will go live the next day.  For the recipes from this episode visit - ~Cook a Share! I would love to share your Simply Luxurious Kitchen inspired experiences from your kitchen! Tag me on Instagram with @thesimplyluxuriouslife #tslkitchen and your post could appear on my Instagram feed. ~View all episodes of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen here -

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